MR. ZIVAGO - Little Russian 1987

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Looking back
You can remember how the time has gone
The empty mirror when you're left alone
The night is gonna be keeping
Something in your mind
Looking up
The sky is gonna be so dark tonight
The wind is blowing right into your eyes
Until you see tomorrow
Live just for a night

Little Russian, you're looking for love tonight
Little Russian, dancing a longer night
Little Russian, you're jumping again tonight
Little Russian, dreaming a longer night
Little Russian, lover again tonight
Little Russian, taking a longer night
Little Russian, just to be free and wild
Little Russian, living a longer night

Looking down
The light is shining up into your eyes
And now there's music coming through the night
Until you see tomorrow
Play just for tonight
Looking back
Remember how you worried only once
And now you know the lonely days are gone
And you can see tomorrow
Living for tonight

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